1st December 2023: HXR members march in solidarity with Just Stop Oil

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On 1st December a group of HXR members decided independently to march in solidarity with JSO outside Parliament to call for an end to all subsidies, investments, new licences & consent for fossil fuels. All six were arrested within minutes of starting to march, along with an XR scientist.

“As a mother and a nurse, I have a moral and professional responsibility to now engage in nonviolent direct action to resist the inaction by our Government on the Climate Crisis. I must protect my children and patients so that’s why I am marching today.” Stephanie, nurse

“I am marching in solidarity with the countless young people who have been arrested & imprisoned for being among the few people willing to tell the truth about the climate and ecological emergency.” Alice, doctor

This followed previous arrests of HXR members who also marched in solidarity with JSO in November.

Doctors shouldn’t be getting arrested. It’s the climate criminals @metpoliceuk should be charging with genocide.” Patrick, GP

“Fossil fuels are already killing thousands of people across the world, it’s a risk to my family and patients.” Juliette, doctor