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For health’s sake end all new fossil fuel extraction

Non-urgent advice: Next Health for XR Welcome Meetings

Calling all climate-concerned health workers. Please join us for our next Health for XR online Welcome Meeting!

Next meeting dates are:
Monday 27th May 19.30 – 20.30

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Thank you for visiting our website. Please do get in touch with us at contact@healthforxr.com if you have any questions or comments.

Health for Extinction Rebellion is a collective of doctors, nurses and other health professionals who are deeply concerned about the climate and ecological crisis and its devastating impact on the health and well-being of our patients, the public and people across the world.

We hope you will support us in our work and, if you a health professional, that you will join us. We also have active regional groups in Wales, Scotland, London, Brighton and the SW, NE and NW of England – you will be sent information about your local group when you join.

The video below was filmed at Health for XR’s first ever action in September 2019. It is an introduction to why so many of us have chosen to join HXR and feel compelled to act in order to address the climate crisis.

Since 2019 we have undertaken all kinds of protests and actions across the UK. You can find out more about these HERE

The videos below show senior health figures explaining why they believe health professionals should become environmental defenders and engage in non-violent social protest to demand a stop to all new fossil fuels and to protect people from climate & ecological breakdown.

Latest News

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