2nd June 2024: HXR members join tens of thousands of marchers at Restore Nature Now

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On 22nd March HXR members , along with an estimated 80,000 people from over 350 health, nature, wildlife and climate groups, marched through the streets of London to call on ALL political parties to take action for nature’s recovery and to give nature the priority it deserves.

The UK is already classified as one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. Rivers and seas are being poisoned by horrifying amounts of pollution, wildlife numbers continue to spiral down with 1 in 6 British species now at risk of extinction, and nature loss is escalating as the climate emergency causes rising temperatures and more extreme and frequent floods and droughts. March organisers included The Wildlife Trusts, The Climate Coalition, Chris Packham, WWF-UK, National Trust, WWT, Woodland Trust, Wildlife and Countryside Link, Rewilding Britain and Extinction Rebellion. 18 health-related organisations were represented in the health bloc.

March aims: for UK politicians to show strong domestic & global nature and climate leadership by:

1. Giving a pay-rise for nature

2. Making polluters pay

3. Delivering more space for nature

4. Putting a right to a healthy environment in law

5. Ensuring fair and effective climate action

Health professionals in scrubs carried placards highlighting the many ways that pollution, pesticides, the loss of wetlands, trees and green spaces are causing illness, disease and premature death, (particularly for the old, young, vulnerable and people living in poverty) and the huge benefit that restoring and protecting nature can bring to the physical and mental health of individuals and communities.


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