Support Health for XR

If you would like to support our work there are a few options:


Would you do just one locum shift at your local hospital/practice for Doctors for XR?


As the movement evolves and our affinity group expands we need to raise some funds. If we want to create real change we can’t rely on volunteerism forever. Funds will be used for banners, flyers, filmmakers, a new a PA system to name a few. One third of what we raise will be fed back into the XR main budget. Funds won’t be used to finance any harmful or dangerous activity.

Just fill in the form here and we will send you a badge; wear it with pride during your shift, take the opportunity to talk to colleagues about what you are doing, and hand it on to a person you think will do the same. And take a photo and use the #MyRebellionShift tag on social media!

Then just add the proceeds from your shift to our Open Collective account, a transparent open data platform, minus the 40% tax you’d pay on it. 

And there you have it, the taxpayer funding their own salvation through our group. We think it’s a really powerful concept. Let’s see if other professional affinity groups will follow; if they do it could be the start of a great funding foundation for the movement.

Thank you so much.

Nothing is more important than the action we take right now, the small brave acts by many people multiplied together.