Lancet’s Editor states”Doctors obliged to protest”

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The editor of the Lancet, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, has come out officially asking all health professionals to engage in non-violent social protest to protect people from climate & ecological breakdown.

He called the climate emergency “the most important existential threat affecting the human species.”

Dr Richard Horton, who only last week accused the British government of “criminal inaction” on climate change, called on the General Medical Council to support the 23 doctors already arrested under the banner of Extinction Rebellion.

Dr Horton went even further and asked for the whole profession to “recognise their contribution” in protecting our species. “If every single health professional just did one thing every single week (to combat climate and ecological breakdown) it could be absolutely transformational to the politics of our country. It is the brave acts of a large number of people that will make the difference. That’s our task, our responsibility, today, in the 21st century.”