Calling All Healthcare Professionals

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Health March for the Planet – Join Us 12th Oct

Join hundreds of healthcare workers as we march through London.

More details of the event here:

Saturday, 12th October 2019
12:30 (starts at 13:00) 
(Dress code: Professional)

Jubilee Gardens, Belvedere Road, 
London SE1 7PG
View map for directions

This Is Not a Drill

If we don’t force our government to act rapidly on climate change, we’re in trouble.
We have 18 months to turn this oil tanker around according to the UN secretary general Antonio Guterres speaking last month.

Former advisor to Angela Merkel and IPCC lead author Professor Schellnhuber CBE led research suggesting that 5 degrees of warming would cut global population to 1 billion due to mass swathes of the earth becoming uninhabitable. There is an uncomfortably high chance this will happen. Higher than the risk required to trigger a 2 week cancer referral.
How will people die?

This is not just an uncomfortable thought experiment but our potential future. After which; Appraisals, CQC and getting that paper published seem considerably less important.

Well if you’ve ever looked after a plant you’ll know they are sensitive to extremes of heat and moisture. In our new era of climate instability, multiple crop failures will lead to starvation and social breakdown. Mass violence and resource wars will be the mode of death. Added to by increasing disease, more frequent natural disasters and heat death.

Guterres added that one of the most important things now is public mobilisation. Research shows that we need 3.5% of the population to mobilise in support for policy and culture to change. This is why we believe that Extinction Rebellions (XR) is the most important public health intervention HCPs should be pushing right now. More than everything else.

Doctors for XR is a doctors collective who have realised that our governments (as they function currently) have no interest in their duty of care. Successive governments over the last 30 years have known the scale of the problem and yet we are still the largest fossil fuel subsidiser in Europe at 10.5 billion pounds per year.

We are organising a Health March for the Planet on Sat 12th Oct at 1pm in london to highlight this to the public and government and show our support for XR and their demands, which we believe are our best hope of achieving policy/system change.

This march is intended to show support. Families and babies are coming so it will be a friendly affair. As health care professionals we are highly trusted by the public. Our voices are not just important, but vital. Please join us wearing easily identifiable clothing, scubs/uniforms/stethoscope etc.

Spread the Message

Please forward to this news article to all HCPs you know.
We know it is not “British” to do this, but this is really not a drill. This is truly scary. It’s like our house has a carbon monoxide leak, we’re locked inside, and someone else has the keys to the boiler (who doesn’t believe in carbon monoxide).

We Really Do Need Everyone

We need everyone to start taking more professional, personal and social risks. That’s why I’m sending you this.

Join us. Get involved.

In mass participation civil disobedience there is hope.