September 2020: NHS workers support symbolic XR press action

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In response to a recent letter in the Telegraph penned by 44 MPs, 120 health professionals have penned a letter in full support of the symbolic actions of Extinction Rebellion last week, which temporarily delayed several print newspapers for a few hours.

The action was performed to raise awareness of a lack of journalistic freedom in much of the press, especially when reporting on the science of global heating which will cripple our NHS if we continue on our current trajectory. Journalists who can see the critical importance of the issue and want to write more hard hitting pieces about it are often stifled. We understand the need for editorial control, but are very concerned that 83% of the print media  is in the hands of 3 companies. If such a small number of companies have the power to pay for their voices to be heard over everyone else’s, then we do not have true free speech at all.

The amount of power this small group holds over our democracy has been made very clear by the actions of our prime minister, who met with Rupert Murdoch, the head of NewsCorp and a known climate change denier, the very day he decided to run for office. Furthermore, the recent threats made by a minority of MPs against Extinction Rebellion should concern the public, especially in the light of warnings given by the council of Europe regarding the UK’s lack of press freedom.

We call for an independent review of the power of the large press monopolies, as we believe their existence contradicts the basic tenets of democracy, threatens diversity of expression, and our relationship with science.

Dr. Lynne Jones OBE, Child Psychiatrist, Cornwall
Dr Will Stableforth, Consultant Physician, Royal Cornwall Hospital.
Dr Alex Turner, Paediatrician, Bristol
Annie White, Head of Nursing, Cambridge
Dr Donna Holt, GP, Somerset
Dr Kirsten Shukla, Child Psychiatrist, St Albans
Dr Honey Smith, GP, Sheffield
Dr Chris Newman, GP, London
Dr Patrick Hart, GP, Bristol
Dr Matt Sawyer, GP, Darlington
Dr Kirsty Morgan, Emergency Medicine Doctor, Scotland
Maggie Fay , Dementia Specialist Nurse , Rutland
Dr Lizzie Harris, Clinical Geneticist, Newcastle
Dr Angharad Spencer, Emergency Medicine, Manchester
Dr Stefan McKenzie, Psychiatrist, South Yorkshire
Dr Clare Andrews, GP, London
Dr Sue Kenneally, GP, Cardiff
Dr Juliette Brown, Psychiatrist, London
Dr Alina Mingham, Junior doctor, Leeds
Dr Sarah Gentry, GP Trainee, Norfolk
Dr Samson Kendall, Junior Doctor, London
Dr Jim Cavet, Consultant Haematologist, Manchester
Dr Arla Gamper, GP trainee, Bristol
Dr Rachel Bate, GP, Bristol
Dr Hannah Orrell, GP Trainee, West Scotland
Dr Gemma Newman, GP, Ashford
Dr Amelia Cussans, Psychiatry Trainee, London
Dr Faye Harrison, GP, Bristol Dr Tom Allport, Paediatrician, Bristol
Dr Sarah White, Junior Doctor, Leicester
Dr David McKelvey, GP, Salford
Dr Elmer van der Hoek, GP, Colchester
Dr Victoria Bowler, GP, Bristol
Dr Gwenllian Daniel, Junior Doctor, Manchester
Professor Robert Marshall, Exeter University College of Medicine and Health
Dr Laura Taylor, GP, Leicestershire
Dr Olivia Davies Junior Doctor, Poole
Dr Jennifer McArthy, GP, London
Dr Deepa Shah, GP, London
Dr Terence Matthews, Public Health Consultant (retired)
Dr Shireen Kassam, Haematologist
Dr Juliet Bottle, Acute Medicine Registrar, Ealing Hospital
Katherine Thurlow, 3rd Year Medical Student, Brighton
Dr Rebecca Redwood, GP, London
Charlotte Munro, Occupational Therapist
Anna Bunten, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Peterborough
Dr Margaret Jackson, GP, North Yorkshire
Sophie Pammenter, Deputy Ward Sister, Oxford
Dr Katy Gillham, GP, Bath
Dr Dan Rainbow GP, St. Ives, Cornwall
Dr Marion Steiner, GP, Bristol
Suryamani Layton, Phlebotomist, Cambridge
Dr Sam Freegard, retired GP
Dr Jude Nixon, Junior Doctor, Nottingham
Nina Finley, MSc One Health, Norwich
Dr James Chan, Emergency Medicine Doctor, Leeds
Mary Matthews Infection Control Nurse, London (Retired)
Melissa Benyon, Neurological Physiotherapist, Cornwall
Zoe Rawlence, Specialist Nurse, Cornwall
Dr Sarah Benn, GP , Birmingham
Mr Andrew Stevenson, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Somerset
Dr Eleanor Cooke, Psychiatrist, London
Dr Hannah Campling, Psychiatrist, London
Dr Rosa Roberts, Psychiatrist, Bristol
Jo Hindley, Midwife, Birmingham
Dr Sian Ashby, GP, Glasgow
Dr Grace Thompson, GP Gloucestershire
Victoria Sullivan, Community Midwife, London
Dr Hayley Pinto Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist, Norfolk
Professor Trevor Thompson GP and educationalist, Bristol
Dr Christelle Blunden, GP, Southampton
Tracy Lyons, Pharmacist, Bournemouth
Steve Fay, Clinical Specialist Neurology , Leicester
Dr Maria Foulds, GP, Bradford
Dr Rachel Cottam, GP, Brighton
Dr Angela Nicholas, Child Psychiatrist, Dorset
Dr Emma Radcliffe, GP, Tower Hamlets
Dr Tom Nutting, Psychiatry trainee, Bristol
Dr Helen Thomas, GP Bristol
Dr Elin Roberts, GP, North Wales
Dr Jack Williams, Junior doctor, Cornwall
Dr Torben Heinsohn, Junior doctor, London
Dr Claire Farrington, GP, Bristol
Dr Tom Lawy, GP, Sheffield
Dr Sarah Chitty, GP registrar, Bristol
Dr Mike Tomson, GP (retired), Sheffield
Dr Natasha Askaroff, junior doctor, Cornwall
Dr Tanya Howgrave-Graham, GP, Swindon
Dr George Naish, Junior Doctor, Cornwall
Dr Suszee Hill, Junior Doctor, Somerset
Dr Helen Angel, GP, Cornwall
Dr Alison Flanagan GP ( ret), Cornwall
Mr Phil Flanagan ENT consultant (ret) Cornwall
Dr Teo Hoon Seong, consultant anaesthetist, Manchester
Dr Bing Jones, Haematologist (retired), Sheffield
Dr Gabrielle Green, former Paediatric trainee and Clinical Research Fellow, Oxford
Dr Sue Crimlisk, Child Psychiatrist, South Gloucestershire.
Dr Callum Macphee, GP trainee Lewisham
Fred Ehresmann, Senior Lecturer , Mental Health Nursing, UWE Bristol
Margita Shukla, 3rd Year Medical Student, Brighton
Dr Sofia Reynolds, Emergency Medicine Doctor, North Bristol NHS Trust
Dr Pippa Munro, GP Gloucestershire
Dr Rebecca Hall, GP, Somerset
Sarah Peters, 5th year medical student, University of Oxford
Dr Lesley Black, GP trainee, Bristol
Isabel Palmer, Clinical Scientist, London
Dr Annabel Headdon, GP, Bristol
Dr Peter Lillie, GP trainee, Bristol
Dr Jack Milln, Endocrinologist, London
Dr Cliff Kendall, Medical Officer
Dr Nadia Audhali, Paediatrician , London
Dr Mangala Patil Mead, Medical Consultant, St Albans
Dr Catherine Zollman, GP, Bristol
Dr Jan Power, GP, Cornwall
Dr Jane Kostelnik, GP, Exeter
Dr Zoe Richmond, GP trainee, Bristol
Dr Mark Russell, retired GP.
Maria Gabauerova, Student Mental Health Nurse, Guildford
Kudakwashe Chifamba, Student Mental Health Nurse, Guildford
Dr Kawita Schur, GP Cornwall
Dr Thomas Downs, Acute Medicine Doctor, Ysbyty Gwynedd
Dr Barbara Kenney, retired GP Bristol
Dr Alice Clack, O+G Consultant, London
Sarah Conniffe-Jones, Palliative Care Physiotherapist, Cornwall.
Dr Emma O’Neill, Palliative Care Doctor, Leeds
Dr Conor Byrne, Consultant Nephrologist, London
Dr Gerard Baker, GP, Manchester
Dr Frank Davey, GP, Cornwall
Dr Angela Wilson, GP, Oxfordshire
Dr Fiona Brennan, Anaesthetist, Cardiff
Dr Bernie Borgstein, Paediatrician, London
Amber Reeve, Student Nurse, Cardiff
Dr Anna Jones, Public health doctor, Brighton